Pleated blind collection, Teba®, 2022

Teba® pleated blind collection 2022

10 designs of the Teba® pleated blind collection 2022 are based on designs of  the label "Sabine Röhse" .

"Pleated blinds are one of the most popular solutions for sun protection and window decoration. The folded fabrics, which create room atmospheres when unfolded, will become an aesthetic as well as functional highlight of any room and window design. Create light and colour moods in your rooms with just a flick of the wrist. Use your pleated blinds as light protection during the day and as privacy protection in the evening. You can easily change the sensual atmosphere of your surroundings with a variety of colours and shapes. Unfold yourself and your living space with  Teba® pleated blinds.

The sensitivity and delicacy of the tender lines and structures of Röhse’s patterns create a special atmosphere in every room, allowing the light to contribute to its design.

Every flower is unique. This pleated fabric from the Röhse Design Studio is adorned with 14.692 individual, hand-drawn floral motifs. The artistic achievement was rewarded with a nomination for the German Design Award and has brought about a beautiful as well as unique fabric design."

Sabine Röhse visits Teba®

The new Teba® pleated blind collection 2022

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