Kitchen design for fronts, doors and niches, Ritzenhoff and Ballerina-Küchen, 2022/2023

Ballerina-Küchen, Collection 2022/2023

Design for fronts, doors, niche in collaboration with Ballerina-Küchen and Ritzenhoff.

The artwork of the design consists of three-color dots. The colours are elegant and modern, but also timeless and fit to all trendy interior styles.

Ballerina press:

"The restrained green-beige-grey powder colours with an elegant mottled design can be combined with all current Ballerina colours and, as glass doors or recess back panels, bring works of art into the kitchen.

Sabine Röhse, designer in Cologne, Germany The German textile designer consistently pursues an individual style with her own label, which is characterised by a complex design language with clear, strong contours. In addition to commissioned work, she serves a wide variety of product areas with her expressive sales collection."

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